Innovative Mastectomy Breast Form From New Day Products

Innovative Mastectomy Breast Form From New Day Products

With so many different types of mastectomy breast forms on the market, how do you know which one is right for you?


Ask yourself these questions.

Have you been struggling with the weight of your breast form?
Do you have Lymphedema?
Are you looking for a breast form that will more closely match your remaining breast?
Have you had a bilateral mastectomy?
Would you like to feel confident when giving/receiving a hug?
Does your breast form feel “hot” and you would like something cooler?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, New Day Products Natural Cloud Lite – MVT breast form could be your answer.

Revolutionary Mastectomy Prosthesis from New Day Products

Because of this revolutionary 3-layer construction, it is specially designed for anyone either wanting or needing a lighter mastectomy breast form.  The MVT has a soft natural silicone front, and a microbead center for volume without extra weight.  It also has a soft breathable fabric back, the Natural Cloud Lite – MVT is your form!  This has been our “BEST SELLER” for over 11 years.  Find out why so many women wear the Natural Cloud Lite MVT.

Do you have Lymphedema?  Did you know the weight of a breast form can effect your comfort and can cause swelling.  Importantly, this wonderful breast form can work well for those with Lymphedema.  Keeping excess weight off the affected area can help keep the swelling down and help you feel more comfortable throughout the day.  It is critical to pair it with a great fitting bra.  Check out some fantastic bra options at Classique

MVT Natrual Cloud Lite
Revolutionary 3-Layer Construction









Why choose the Natural Cloud Lite from New Day Products?

If you are bilateral (double mastectomy), this could be a fantastic option for you.  Another great candidate for the Natural Cloud Lite form is the more mature women looking for perfect form to match her remaining breast, we believe it could be a perfect fit!  Tired of hot silicone breast forms, check out the cool and breathable fabric back!



Post Mastectomy Form
Natural Cloud Lite MVT

Make and appointment with an experienced fitter

Because being properly fit is extremely important, make an appointment with an experienced mastectomy fitter.  Certified fitters have many hours of experience.  Importantly, they are there to help you pick the forms that will work best for not only your surgery site, but your lifestyle!  Ask your fitter about the Natural Cloud Lite.  If they don’t carry it, ask them to bring it in for you!  Check it out at our website.

A note on swimming

One important note about the Natural Cloud Lite, we recommend you do not use this form for swimming.  The complexity of the form makes it not suitable for use in chlorine or salt water.  For swimming we recommend our Natural Cloud Beaded Puff NCW2. This clever little puff can go in pools or the ocean without a problem. Further more, if you have a remaining breast, this little puff will mimic your breast. When you recline on a towel or lounge chair, it reacts like your remaining breast. No more having your swim form act “perky” when you recline.

Natural Cloud Beaded Puff

Cleaning instructions

To clean your Natural Cloud Lite or Natural Cloud Beaded Puff  just use warm soapy water.  This form has no problem submerging in warm soapy water, then rinse with clean water.  The fabric dries quickly so you can air dry or you can use a cool blow dryer held about 10 inches away.

Celebrating 15 years in business

New Day Products is a family owned business.  We are proudly celebrating our 15th year in business!  While there are many companies larger then New Day Products,  we believe you won’t find a company that mindfully listens to you as we do.  We may be small but we are mighty in our commitment to help women feel whole again.  Most of all, with innovative products that help you feel confident giving a hug, swinging a golf club, playing with the kids, you will feel like yourself again.

Confident after mastectomy

Feel like yourself