About New Day Products

At New Day Products we bring back a level of customer service that is rarely seen in our industry. RESPECT, CARING, HONESTY and INTEGRITY are the backbone of our business. Compare us to our competition. You will find an industry that is dominated by multi-million dollar businesses, where you are a number not a name, with phone systems leading you down rabbit holes, and not a person at the end of the line. Who would you rather work with? We are not afraid to recommend competitors’ products if that’s what is in the customer’s highest good. We BELIEVE in the ultimate goal of making a woman feel whole, whatever it takes! Can you say that about our competitors?

We are a family business offering professional and compassionate services, fair prices and quality products to the mastectomy industry. We sell to Boutiques and Retailers across North America. Our staff is available to guide and direct the professional fitter.

We believe that being fit by a professional certified fitter is one of the steps a woman takes on her journey of wellness and wholeness. We partner with you in providing many of the products women struggle to find after their surgery. Having a “one-stop-shop” to locate many of the products women need make us very unique. From breast forms and bras to swimwear and camisoles, look to New Day for all your mastectomy needs.

If you are a consumer, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to offer a referral to a shop that has a professional fitter and carries our excellent products.

Dawn Calamari


I have been selling and fitting mastectomy products for 14 years. I started out as a Sales Representative and grew my passion into a business. New Day Products was born in 2003. I love what I do and believe everyone should be treated with kindness, honesty and integrity. Customer Service has always been my number one priority. Let me show you how we have taken service back to the 1950’s and 1960’s when Customer Service was paramount, where your word was your bond. We are here for you, to answer questions, help with a fitting issue or a caring person at the end of the line on a hard day.

Alex Calamari


Alex brings technology and creativity to New Day Products. Without this amazing man, we would not have the business we have today. He has helped us build our business and increase our inventories which means fewer backorders for you. Many of you have met or spoken to my amazing husband and see his passion for our business!